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PUBG Mobile 2.2 Update: Release Date, Features, and More

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Following the overwhelming success of the current 2.1 patches, the following 2.2 release has been scheduled and launched on PUBG Mobile in September. The mid-September release has the sixth major upgrade of the year. The subsequent 2.2 updates, like every other big update, include a slew of new features designed to alter the game’s dynamics and improve the competitive battle royale experience for gamers worldwide. Tencent Games has finally approved the release of the 2.2 upgrades after a month-long beta test. The update contains new features and adjustments to old ones, which will make the game more enjoyable for all players. Karakin, the game’s newest map, has been introduced to the game, along with a reworked ranking system and quality-of-life enhancements. Unlike Erangel and Vikendi, this new desert map is smaller but gives more opportunities for players to show off their skills.

Update 2.2 For PUBG Mobile

On September 15, 2022, the official PUBG Mobile 2.2 updates were released without delay. The update was initially made available via the game’s Discord channel, where it may be downloaded as an APK file. The update will also be available on Google Play. Tencent Games has now published the patch notes for the 2.2 upgrades. According to the patch notes, the September update includes several new features that offer variation to the battle royale experience. To take advantage of the 2.2 updates, gamers must have a reliable internet connection and appropriate storage space on the device. Players will have access to all new features and material included in the update after successfully downloading and installing it.

Features Of The Game

The new 11 battle royale map is now available for download. The Tactical Crossbow and NS2000, among other weapons, have been added to the arsenal. The latest Erangel patch adds a new ‘Bicycle Shed’ structure, giving players more cover and strategic possibilities. Some changes have been made to the Kremenchuk and Malta sites, while others, such as Hospital and Malta Power, have also been modified. Two additional ports have been established at the South Sosnovka Military Base and Farm. Players will receive a revamped Erangel map with a Rainbow weather effect and new gameplay, such as Flash Shop and Targeted Supply Crates, as part of the next patch. These improvements are meant to increase the game’s immersion and entertainment value for all players, so be sure to check it out when the next update is released.

Size and Release Date

The update requires 681 MB for Android users and 1.91 GB for iOS users. Before installing the new update, ensure that the user has enough storage space. The game is now available on the Apple App Store. And on September 15, it will be available in the Google Play Store. Beginning September 15, the APK will be available for download from the official website. The game’s latest update adds a new map (Paramo), weapon (Crossbow), vehicle (BRDM-2), and mode (Payload 2.0). The Crossbow may be used to take down foes from a distance on Paramo, a dynamic battlefield that varies every time you play on it.


PUBG Smartphone has become one of the most popular mobile games, with millions of users worldwide. Its Tencent Games-linked Battle Royale game, is four years old, yet it still offers high-octane action with high-quality visuals. The new version, 2.2, has a lot to offer users. In addition, the update has added a lot of new material to the game. Players who wish to play the update on their desktops may download PUBG Mobile on their devices using Android emulators such as Gameloop and BlueStacks.

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