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All About Netflix Gaming And Top Games Recommendation

by Gaming Adicts

On a smartphone or tablet with an installed version of Netflix and a current membership plan, you can play games. With Netflix gaming, the streaming behemoth can offer its viewers more entertainment options without ever having to leave the app. The service’s primary goal is to provide you with a single location for entertainment. You no longer need different applications for streaming and games; instead, there is one app for everything.

Netflix has maintained its position as the most widely used streaming service in the world while facing fierce competition. It not only has the greatest collection of original series and films, but it also actively seeks additional opportunities.   There are two methods to use your mobile device to access Netflix games. The first approach is to navigate to the games area of the Netflix app and look through the collection. As soon as you choose a game, it begins downloading from the app store on your device. Alternatively, you may download games straight from the Play Store or App Store. In any case, to play you must have your Netflix login information. The Netflix app’s Mobile Games row and the home screen of your smartphone both display downloaded games.

Unexpectedly, Netflix boasts a far wider selection of video games than you may think. Netflix has also added a number of developers to boost its gaming production. Therefore, start with these popular Netflix games when you’re ready to quit watching Netflix and start playing. Not every game is of the same quality or will suit your tastes, much like the selection of series and films on Netflix itself. Try out one of our recommendations for the top games on Netflix Games instead of browsing through the possibilities and never making a decision, like you do while attempting to decide on a movie. Now, let’s have a look at some of the best games available on Netflix.


This indie success was released much earlier on computers and gaming consoles, but Netflix Games has now brought it to your phone. You take on the role of Will, a shopkeeper in a village who must venture into perilous dungeons to get the products you will later sell throughout the day, in this lovely pixel art game. Moonlighter is a highly endearing game with many hours of material to keep you coming back. It is split into two different gameplay modes: a management sim and a 2D Zelda-style adventure with lots of rogue-like aspects. However, because the game is designed to be divided into day and night dungeon exploration and store management, it is also ideal for shorter play periods.


Poinpy’s cute art style will catch your attention, but once you start playing, you’ll find yourself captivated by your screen. The company behind this gem created Downwell, one of the best mobile games of all time, thus they are aware of what makes a game addicting. Simply moving your avatar higher while targeting your leaps from one platform to the next is all Poinpy asks of you. Starting easy, things rapidly become more complicated as there are more considerations and dangers to be aware of as you go higher and higher.

Asphalt Extreme

For years, the Asphalt series delivered arcade-style, console-quality racing games to mobile devices. This off-road entry offers a blinding speed that strains your mobile device’s technology and takes place in much more hazardous locations.

Lucky Luna

While Lucky Luna may appear to be another effort to capitalise on nostalgia, once you start playing it, you will see it in an entirely different light. Instead of typical side-scrolling, this game concentrates more on vertical platforming, and each level is jam-packed with loot, puzzles, and surprises. Even if you’re lacking a crucial move, the controls are simple and fluid—most platformers just require the hop button. You need to bounce off foes or exploit the surroundings to acquire height in this game, which is part of its fantastic design. This small adjustment forces you to approach levels completely differently, compelling you to revisit them until you complete a flawless run.


Immortality was one of the best gaming experiences of 2022. This interactive movie asks you to piece together links between seemingly unrelated missing movie fragments to solve its alluring, decades-spanning riddles. These faux movies, which were shot in real-time, are more interesting than much of what you’ll find on Netflix.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a card game about kittens that explode. It is just as wild and charming as it sounds. The feline fracas is also available in a digital format if you don’t like the concept of buying real cards.

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