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Best Ships To Have in Starfield

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If you’re looking for a new ship to pilot, it’s critical to understand which ships you should be concentrating on in Starfield. The Starfield experience is entirely dependent on ships. Your ship’s quality will impact how far you can go in a single leap and how well you do in space battles with other spacecraft. Although you may enhance your starting ship in the game if you’d like, you can also purchase top-tier ships because your starting ship in the game is very poor. Continue reading for our list of the top ships in Starfield if you want to get your hands on some of the greatest ships there are.


Given how early in the game you may get it, the Razorleaf is a very strong ship. The Mantis mission, which you may begin by haphazardly gathering a data slate from dead Spacers, rewards you with the spacecraft. Take on several Spacers in Denebola I-B as part of this mission, and you’ll receive the Razorleaf as payment. Although you should probably enhance the weaponry, the ship has the special ability to frighten away other spacecraft. Additionally, it has a protected cargo compartment so you may start transporting illegal goods.

Starfield Razorleaf Ship

Star Eagle

The Star Eagle is another spacecraft that can be obtained quite early on in the game as a prize for finishing the Freestar Rangers questline in Akila City. It has several powerful armaments, including an EM weapon to take down opposing ships, and can accommodate five crew members, but its enormous cargo hold, with a vast 2500 cargo capacity to store all those resources you’re hoarding, is where it truly shines. Although a bit underwhelming, an 18-light-year grav leap is readily replaceable, making it a viable choice for the early game.


The Renegade may be one of, if not the most potent ship in the game, depending on your financial situation. This monster, when completely improved, has a large shield, a thick hull, and the ability to carry more cargo than practically any other ship. Before you begin to enhance it, the starting price of this monster is 450,000 Credits. This ship is for you if you want the greatest money can buy and to completely control the space lanes.

Crimson Fleet Wight

The top-tier ship available from the Crimson Fleet is the Crimson Fleet Wight. Although its starting characteristics are quite decent, upgrading it to the Crimson Fleet Wight III provides you access to one of the game’s most potent ships. Starting at 300,000 Credits, the Crimson Fleet will sell the Crimson Fleet Wight on The Key. It allows for the addition of up to 6 crew members, offers powerful shielding, and has sufficient fuel to get you where you need to go.


When opposing ships start to truly deliver damage in the middle of the game, the Aegis is a much-appreciated improvement. It boasts one of the greatest reactors for its ship class and strong all-around stats. This implies that you can simply build it up to be a strong ship all the way to the end game and upgrade any weaponry or shields to make it even better right away. This may be purchased from the Deimos Staryard orbiting Deimos, one of Mars’s moons in the Sol system, for 196,780 credits.

Vista III

The Vista is a fantastic cargo ship with a strong defence that is a terrific choice for transporting delicate products from one location to another and a fantastic ship for conflicts where you are likely to suffer a lot of damage. For a starting price of 330,000 Credits, this ship is available through Ship Services in Neon. If you have a lot of extra credits and don’t feel like designing your own spacecraft, this substantial ship ought to perform just well for you.

r/Starfield - I stole a C Class UC Frigate, "Vista". Not seen anyone else talking about this. Is it the best one and what do we know about it?


The Narwhal possesses one of the strongest reactors in the game, which gives it enormous potential. You can quickly upgrade to some extremely potent weapons and shields with 36 power generated. But a big 2118 hull stat is where the Narwhal really shines. This spacecraft can take a hammering even without shielding and guns, but purchasing one from Taiyo Astroneering in Neon would cost you a whopping 432,620 credits.

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