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Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Surpass 15 Million Pre-Registrations On Play Store

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Call of Duty Warzone Mobile has been the quickest mobile game to surpass 15 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store, according to Activision. This is how the game will be conducted. The game, which will launch later in the year, went on pre-registration earlier this month for Android on the Google Play Store. The battle royale game established a record amount of pre-registrations after receiving pre-registrations. The players have a definite case of the craze. Activision’s Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is expected to be one of the most played mobile games. Users who pre-register will receive some in-game stuff from the Play Store. As usual, it’s unclear when iOS users will be able to pre-register for Warzone Mobile. With its massive battlefield and player lobbies, Call of Duty: Warzone could be the most extensive mobile battle royale experience available right now. Warzone Mobile, like the console and PC versions of the game, will be free to play on Android and iOS devices.

Game Size And Visual Testing For Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile

The Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Alpha Test recently began for a select group of users. They are prohibited from sharing or publishing any information regarding the game in the open. The Warzone Mobile Alpha Test version’s game size is around 4.12 GB. Some weapons from Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are visible to players. The announcer’s voice, weapon pickup motion, and FPP landing images from COD Warzone are all included in the smartphone game. Currently, the game lacks a tactical sprint, although developers may add one in the future. The game already has the brand-new Rumble mode. Activision’s next mobile game, “Warzone Mobile,” claims to offer the same fast-paced action as the Warzone games we’ve already played on PC and consoles. The forthcoming mobile installment of the well-known Call of Duty game will be intriguing to witness.

The original Warzone map, Verdansk, will be used for Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile’s 120-player lobbies. In addition, Warzone Mobile will soon get the brand-new Warzone 2.0 map Al Mizrah. With contracts, purchasing stations, and the Gulag, in addition to this, Warzone Mobile will provide the standard Warzone experience. Additionally, Warzone Mobile supports cross-progression with Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2, allowing you to utilize Operators and weapons you’ve obtained in any of these games. Additionally, according to Activision, Warzone Mobile will provide mobile-specific playlists, events, and customizable controls.

The Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Experience

Mobile Gamers: At launch, players will access the storied Verdansk map for the first time on their phones. Just as you recall, this is Verdansk. Dam. TV channel. Lumber. Farmland. A stadium closed. Downtown. Railroad station Prison. Prepare to fight across iconic views, metropolitan neighborhoods, open battlegrounds, and everything in between, from the snow-lined peaks near the Military Base to the scorching drop of SuperStore.

Key Locations: Whether you need to get to critical locations quickly or be protected from enemy incursions, take the fight to your adversaries on the ground or in the skies with a range of land-based vehicles and aircraft.

Purchase Centers Affirmed: Collect Cash and use it at the Buy Stations strewn over the area to improve your weapons with Field Upgrades, Killstreaks, Revive Tokens, and Loadouts to aid the battle’s outcome.

Approved Trade deals: Complete the optional mini-missions found everywhere across Verdansk to earn unique treasure, in-game Cash, experience points, and weapon experience points while giving you the advantage over your opponents.

A Second Chance in the Gulag:  Engage in a 1v1 winner-take-all battle for a second chance at survival! After being ousted in Verdansk, you can re-enter the battle if you defeat a competitor in the Gulag.


Activision’s Call of Duty Warzone Mobile appeared to be on its track to becoming one of the greatest, most downloaded, and most popular mobile games. The most intriguing revelation about the game is that up to 120 participants can compete in a single match for survival. The creators also said that all 120 participants would be genuine individuals, with no bots present in Warzone Mobile. This distinguishes the game from other popular Battle Royale mobile apps such as Free Fire, Apex Legends, and others. It is precisely something that gamers would appreciate. Next year, the game will also be available on iOS devices for iPhones. This indicates that the accurate installations might be astounding once the game is out for play.

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