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How to play StarWars Battlefront 2

by Gaming Adicts

People have complained a lot about the microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2, which are a part of the game’s gameplay. When players found out that loot crates in multiplayer games cost a lot of money, they were very angry. Because people were so angry, EA lowered the prices of micro-transactions and eventually got rid of them together. It’s also likely that the change was made to save face and get more people to buy the game. Because of the microtransactions, some gamers didn’t plan to buy a copy of the game.

Since Star Wars Battlefront 2 has many game modes, huge maps, and a lot of players in each match, it can be hard for new players to figure out what to do. It might be too much for even experienced multiplayer gamers who aren’t used to playing on big maps with a lot of people. So, here’s a rundown of some basic tips you can use to improve your Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer experience:

Play with your team to get twice as many battle points.

In Galactic Assault, you’ll be put in a squad. If you want to get the most battle points when you kill someone or play an objective, stick with the people in your squad.

The special card’s name is “bounty hunter.” It makes it so that you get more battle points when you do anything in Star Wars Battlefront 2. If you make it epic, you will get 20% more battle points. Battle points are important because you need them to unlock heroes like Rey, Darth Maul, or Luke Skywalker in games like Galactic Assault. Heroes are much stronger than rebels or stormtroopers in general. With a lightsabre, it won’t take long for an enemy to be cut to pieces. Focus on getting battle points early in a game so you can buy a hero if you get enough.

Changing from a third-person to a first-person point of view

In Star Wars Battlefront 2, you can choose to play from the third-person view or the first-person view. To change the view, press the D-pad.

When you play in the third-person, you can see more of the maps. You’ll be able to see more clearly around corners and have less of a “blind spot.” Most of the time, you should play through the maps in the third-person mode because it gives you a better view of where enemies are. When you’re hiding behind a wall or something else, the third-person is best.

Make sure to switch to the shoulder view when you’re hiding to get a better look at the enemies and a better angle on them. Use first-person only when you want to see enemies better by aiming down the scope. The first-person point of view might make it easier to get headshots than the third-person point of view.

Instead of full auto, weapons should fire in short bursts.

In action games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, you only have so much ammunition. In Star Wars Battlefront 2, weapons never run out of bullets. But they will get too hot if you shoot too much without letting them cool down. Make sure to cool down your weapons before they get too hot and break.

Many of the weapons are fully automatic, but if you shoot in short bursts, you’ll hit your target more accurately. When you fire a gun in short bursts, the recoil isn’t as bad, so the gun is usually more accurate at medium and long ranges. At close range, though, it’s better to shoot on full auto. Save burst fire for longer-range targets.

Use high places and roofs to get around the enemy.

If you flank your enemies, whether they are rebels or stormtroopers, you will have a big advantage, especially in Galactic Assault. Most of the time, it will be easier to kill an enemy player if you are on their left flank, right flank, or completely behind them.

The best way to flank an enemy is to stay out of sight and stay low, hiding behind cover until the enemy passes you. It might take a lot of patience, but it could be worth it. I’ve had a lot of success hiding behind cover and waiting for about six enemies to pass me by. Then, I use the chance to throw a grenade at them and then shoot them. Galactic Assault has up to 40 players, so the game is so chaotic that many of the enemy players won’t notice that you’re flanking them.

In multiplayer, it can also be helpful to use rooftops and high-ground positions. Rooftops and other high places give you a good view. You’ll be able to see and understand enemy rebels or stormtroopers better. The bad thing is that it’s easy for enemy snipers to kill you. Before taking a high position, check out the area carefully.

Being the Hero or the Villain

In Galactic Assault mode, both the heroes and the bad guys are much stronger than the average stormtrooper or rebel. They can do things no one else can, have more health, and can take more damage. But they are not invincible, and if you don’t play your cards right, it’s easy to die.

Luke Skywalker, for example, uses a lightsaber and has a few force powers. Stormtroopers can kill him quickly if they all aim their guns at him in an open area with a lot of enemies. Go to places inside where your character’s lightsaber can catch the enemy off guard. Or, you could go outside to places with more cover so you won’t be outnumbered and won’t be seen by stormtroopers.

Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Rey can all stop incoming attacks. Press the left trigger to stop and deflect stormtrooper bullets back at them. Make sure your reticle is pointed at the other players if you want to hurt them.

A good guy like Han Solo or a bad guy like the bounty hunter is better at fighting at a long distance in open areas. Using the jetpack, the bounty hunter can fly into the air and catch the rebels by surprise. When he is flying with the jetpack, he can shoot from far away and fire rockets from above.

There isn’t as much cover in some parts of the maps. Use your shield to block some of the bullets from the enemy team. You won’t be invincible or as strong as a hero, but it can be useful sometimes. The shield has a time between uses. Before you can use it again, you’ll have to wait. Don’t waste it.

In multiplayer game modes, you need battle points to win. Even though you don’t have to use them to get a hero like Luke Skywalker or the Millenium Falcon in Galactic Assault or Starfighter Assault, they can change the way the battle goes. Also, it’s kind of cool to play well-known Star Wars characters or vehicles!

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