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Top 5 Free Games To Play On Your iPhone

by Gaming Adicts

The iPhone has evolved into a fantastic gaming device, particularly if you are using a more current version of the gadget. If you want to play free games on your iPhone, Apple Arcade is a good place to begin your search. However, selecting the appropriate game to play might be more challenging than you might expect. There is a wide variety of games available, and the market for mobile gaming is continuing to expand as a result of its growing popularity. Even if you have a good idea of the kind of game you want to play, you’ll still have a lot of different possibilities to choose from.

Do not feel anxious; if the App Store is making you feel overwhelmed, we are here to assist you. By trying out some of these free games first, you can cut down on the amount of time you spend downloading, testing, and uninstalling games before finding the appropriate one. Have a look at our descriptions, and feel free to download the ones that apply to you.

Rocket League Sideswipe

If you thought the “car football” game that was once shown on a British TV show about cars was crazy, you haven’t seen anything yet. Here, people or two-person teams fight head-to-head, trying to get a huge ball into huge goalmouths with rocket-powered flying vehicles.

You can get to know your car in single-player training modes, so you can learn how to flip it and hit the ball into the goal as you fly through the air. And if you’re stuck in a match that’s way too easy for you, you can choose to forfeit and try to find people who are more on your level.

Dot The Game

Dot The Game seems like the old Minesweeper game played backward and fast-forward, or at least against the clock. On each level, you face a grid. There is a number in each square that tells you how many dots should be lit on the corners of that square. So you can move on to the next challenge, it’s up to you to make sure every square has the right number.

All of this is easy to do with two-by-two beginner grids. Even the clock isn’t too much of a bother because you can get bonus seconds so quickly. But as the grids get bigger, Dot becomes a surprisingly tense game where one mistake can mean the end of the game. Watching the timer go down while trying to find that one mistake you made is enough to drive anyone crazy.

That’s a cow

That’s a Cow is basically a level-based version of the classic one-thumb jumping game Canabalt that focuses on cows. But instead of tapping to make the mooing main character jump over gaps in the landscape, you drag a finger to make the star pump out what seems to be an endless supply of milk. You can move around with this dairy treat, which you can also use to change the scenery or fight enemies.

Even though the levels are short, getting to the end isn’t easy. It takes a while to learn how to control the game, and each of the short tests is full of things to avoid, enemies to fight, coins, and other bonuses to collect. All of this is very silly and kind of cute. And if you do well, you can get a new cow from an amazing toy machine minigame.


Catchee is a happy, musical catching game in which Catchables come down from the top of the screen and you catch them in a bowl. Well, that’s the idea. Once it starts, this is the kind of fast-paced arcade test that will make your heart beat faster when you get to the end of a song without all of your Catchables falling to the floor.

It’s not random, thank goodness. There are tricks and patterns you can learn. For example, if you let a Catchable ball bounce on the edge of the bowl and then pick it up, you’ll get more points and more energy. It’s really exciting. Even though you can figure out everything about the game in the first few minutes, it gets better the more you play it, just like the best arcade games.

Froglike: The Frog Roguelike

Froglike: The Frog Roguelike rethinks Frogger for the modern mobile era. Instead of asking an amphibian to cross a road and a river, everything here is a little bit more difficult. To stop the end of time, you have to keep the Lily of Time alive. Yikes!

This means that you have to jump from lily pad to lily pad and try to land your frog’s bottom on the biggest lily so it can charge up until a portal appears. Then you can choose a power-up before going back into the fight. The whole game is a big fight, with all sorts of enemies trying to push you into the deadly water around the lilies.

This top-notch high-score chaser is a huge improvement over the classic game it was based on. It has responsive controls, bright graphics, and in-game upgrades.

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