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How to become an MMO clan leader

by Gaming Adicts

A strong leader is the backbone of any successful gaming community, able to steer the clan toward success, plan and execute in-game events, manage the clan’s website (or at least a dedicated forum), and perform the duties of any real-world manager.

Being a clan leader is a full-time job, as some have put it. If leading a gaming clan is like having a full-time job, then what skills and experience are necessary to do the job well?

What is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game?

Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) are video games that can have hundreds or thousands of concurrent users. Online play is the standard for these games, and players may expect to share at least one “planet” at all times. Popular massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) used to be PC-only, but now a wide variety of consoles (PS3, Wii, DS, Xbox 360, etc.) also fall under the MMO umbrella. This is because developers are able to take advantage of advancements in technology and Internet connections to make it possible for players to interact with counterparts in other parts of the world.

What are Gaming Clans?

From first-person shooters to role-playing games, clans appear frequently in the gaming industry. They allow players to form bonds with one another and work together towards common goals, with the added bonus of receiving recognition for their efforts. There is healthy competition among players as they work to make their clan the most powerful in the game.

What do you need to do to become a clan leader?

Convert Your Dreams Into Reality

A leader in a gaming clan needs to be able to see the big picture and articulate the team’s goals first and foremost. Unless the clan has a goal, it is just aimlessly drifting and can be easily taken over by another clan. Daily schedules are included in this category.

A leader’s responsibility in a gaming clan is to ensure that everyone understands the group’s goals and is committed to achieving them.

Take charge of your gaming clan and lead them to victory.

The managerial perspective is equally important. A leader’s first priority should be the welfare of his clan, but they should also treat each member with dignity and fairness. Whether it’s offering a promotion, dividing up plunder and resources, assigning responsibility for an area, or rejecting a new recruit, the leader must make the tough decisions that could cause friction.

Become Familiar With Your Gaming clan

You need to know your clan members well and out if you want to lead them effectively. Maintaining contact with as many players as possible can help you learn more about their play style, motivations, and character. It’s crucial to place players in positions where they can thrive.

As a leader, you can learn more about your clan members by competing in the same competitions as them. You can use these occasions to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the clan as a whole and the standout members of the team. A leader can then make necessary adjustments to the long-term objectives.

What It Takes to Be a Good Clan Leader Psychologically

An upbeat atmosphere is essential for maintaining clan activity. A leader, however, needs to realize that members of the clan have lives other than the game. Not everyone enjoys playing with others all the time, and not everyone can spend every waking moment leveling up or fortifying their bases. If you force players to spend more time and money on the clan than they’re willing to, they’ll quit. Find ways to assist participants in striking a healthy balance between their personal lives and their roles in their clans.

Here is where knowing the clan’s demographics becomes crucial. factors such as gender balance, the player’s history, etc. All of these can be quite useful for a proactive clan leader. The structure of your clan, as well as many other key decisions, can be affected by knowing how your members divide their time between their personal lives and their devotion to the clan, and by knowing their spending habits.

Summon the Forces

No one clan leader should have to carry the weight of the group on their shoulders. There is far too much to do as the sole leader of a clan, hence one of the most crucial duties of any clan chief is to delegate. Deputize a select group of reliable, experienced players by giving them responsibility for making important decisions on the team’s behalf. Their duties can range from overseeing the clan’s online discussion forum to organizing the group’s competitive play.

Ineffective clan chiefs who try to juggle everything on their own will likely crash and burn before long. We’ve witnessed top clans plummeting down the leaderboards only because their commander vanished in a moment of stress. The finest gaming clan leaders recognize that they can’t control everything for the benefit of the clan as a whole, and they are willing to give up some of their authority as a result. Listen to this one piece of advice above all else: clans that divide labor tend to last considerably longer.

Responsibility Sharing Within the Clan

It doesn’t matter how big or small a clan is, having a capable second-in-command is essential. Getting a group of 5-6 players to do anything together might be tough. If a leader doesn’t emerge to steer the group in the correct direction, nothing will get done. That is essentially what a clan head does every day, and having one or two people to take on some of the minor chores can assist to guarantee that everything keeps moving well.

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