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How to deal with cyberbullying in online gaming?

by Gaming Adicts

Bullying in the digital era can be characterized as the repeated use of electronic means of communication for the aim of teasing, threatening, harassing, or intimidating another person. This is a major problem, as it has become a common method of inflicting suffering on victims and making them feel helpless.

It’s important for parents to know that cyberbullying is a problem in video games, and not just for the kids who play them. There is never a good time for kids to be harassed and intimidated by strangers who use foul or offensive language and aggressive remarks, whether such words are sent online or in person.

How to deal?

It’s critical that you make use of resources if you’re a target of cyberbullying. While social media platforms may have a casual approach to regulation, users are provided with tools to filter out unwanted content.

On most social networking platforms, you can simply block the offending user. You shouldn’t feel bad about blocking someone who is causing you distress. You can disable the filter for terms that describe you, your race, your gender, or your sexual orientation. With this setting in place, your feed will no longer contain any messages containing the specified phrases. Make sure you read our tutorial on hiding hate speech on social media to find out more.

Avoid putting yourself in a situation where you could be ridiculed or made fun of. Find a well-moderated player-run server if the game you’re playing has that option, and make it your new home. If a game doesn’t have the ability for players to host their own servers, they may include a “mute chat” option to silence abusive players, but this could hinder team collaboration.

You can’t prevent someone from making a mocking website or stop them from visiting it. However, you can examine the web host’s terms of service to see whether there is anything relevant there. Contact the host’s customer care and inform them that the site in question contains harassing content; such sites are usually prohibited. The website probably will get shut down because it is in violation of the rules of service.

Advice for Gamers on How to Stop Cyberbullying

Stay anonymous

Meeting other gamers in an online community is a great way to expand your gaming horizons. The problem with internet communication is that it’s hard to tell who you’re talking to or what their true intentions are. You can avoid being singled out and harassed by strangers if you play anonymously against someone you don’t know.

The same principle applies to preventing real-world bullying from spreading online. Instead of being a place where bullying can go unchecked, virtual worlds like those seen in online games can offer a welcome respite from the stresses of real life.

Report troublemakers

Bullying of any kind should never go unreported. Any instances of cyberbullying that takes place within an online game should be reported to the game’s administration or customer support services. Call the authorities if the bullying persists over a long period of time or becomes physically abusive or threatening.

What Effects Does Cyberbullying Have?

There has been worry about cyberbullying’s potential in online gaming for a long time. In many ways, “virtual” bullying is more dangerous than “traditional” bullying because sensitive information can be spread in a matter of seconds.

Solving the Problem of Cyberbullying

The internet has made global communication instantaneous, but it has also given rise to cyberbullying. You’ve learned about the various forms of cyberbullying and what to do if you or someone you know ever experiences such negativity in the digital realm.

There are many games available that can help teach children how to protect themselves from cyberbullying. The games also include lessons on internet safety, such as the importance of using a complex password to access personal accounts.


The impact of cyberbullying on individuals and the measures that can be taken to stop it have perhaps become clearer to you. Instead of dwelling on the immorality of the bully, we should follow the first stage of the process, which is to report the incident. Don’t try to argue with them face-to-face, as that could escalate the situation. If you don’t know what to do, inform someone who does.

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