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Real Racing 3: What You Need to Know Before Buying Cars

by Gaming Adicts

In Real Racing 3, there are several automobile kinds and even more subcategories inside those general categories. For the time being, let’s focus on the game’s two main divisions: the Formula series and the Grand Tourer series. You should always take into account them while buying your first automobile because they are the main racing cars in the game and are utilised in many races. Make sure to verify which vehicle type is being featured during the game’s current tournament season.

Although there are additional cars in the game that may be used for racing, only the two listed are created with racing in the top leagues in mind. If you have a limited budget, you should always invest your money in things you will utilise in the game; otherwise, buying some of the other vehicle kinds would only be for vanity since they are stylish. It’s a good idea to research the various automobile kinds in the game before purchasing them.

Formula Cars

In Real Racing 3, there are two different sorts of formula cars: Formula 1 and Formula E vehicles. The primary distinction is that Formula E utilises electric vehicles. Formula vehicles are the ones with the standards created with racing on a legitimate track in mind. Their general layout is intended to enhance the car’s performance on a legitimate racecourse. Because of this, it is not surprising that these cars have far greater specs than the other vehicles in the game.

Formula cars don’t perform well on off-road circuits since they were designed with specific race courses in mind. Due to its unfair advantage over other types of vehicles, Formula Cars are only used in Formula Races. Because Formula vehicles must be as aerodynamic as possible, they have a very small surface area, which makes it very difficult to create very beautiful designs for them. This is the primary complaint that gamers have about Formula Cars.

Grand Tourer

Another high-performance racing car is the Grand Tourer series. These automobiles have several racing specifications, yet because of their appearance, they may be bought without being restricted to a race track. Because GT cars frequently have two or more seats, people may own them and drive them around town to show off their stylish automobiles. Despite having less power than a typical Formula One vehicle, they are nonetheless reasonably effective in non-Formula races.

There are many GT vehicles, ranging from GT1 through GT4. The modernism of the vehicle and these cars’ general racing prowess set them apart from one another. Strangely enough, the GT3 category is sometimes regarded as the most potent class because GT4 vehicles are frequently made for novice drivers. Since GT3 and GT4 cars offer the finest numbers when it comes to professional racing, you might want to restrict your selections if you’re looking to buy a high-quality Grand Tourer vehicle.


From left to right, the main features you notice when purchasing a car are Top Speed, Acceleration, Braking, Corning, and Performance Rating. A car’s FR/MR designation indicates whether it has a front or middle engine. Even though you always want to get the automobile with the best stats, you’ll quickly realise that some high-performance vehicles have the same performance rating but a different stat distribution. This is because distinct tracks place a higher value on particular data.

Top speed is the most significant statistic on courses with long straightaways and few turns and corners, with acceleration coming in second. Cars with harder cornering will perform best on tracks with lots of bends and gentle turns. Finally, for vehicles with a lower braking distance stat to enable better drifting, circuits featuring a lot of tight curves will be ideal. A broad statistic that only demonstrates how good an automobile is is the performance rating. If you move to more difficult races, you should have a variety of vehicles with differing stats to accommodate various race formats.


Performance rating, manufacturer, and automobile model are only a few of the factors that have an impact on car pricing. Simply because a car is pricey does not guarantee that it is a powerful machine that will win every race in which you compete. The greatest vehicles in the game are, however, all quite pricey, so be sure to store up all three kinds of currency for the future. You should set your objective to buy a couple of inexpensive vehicles with decent characteristics that you may use while farming for your first top vehicle. These inexpensive versions will be used to compete in daily races and gather resources such as gold. It will be simpler to buy your next high-performance vehicle after you have your first one.

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