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Rise of Legends (PC) Review

by Gaming Adicts

Everyone wants to be the person who makes a game as good as Rise of Nations, but nobody wants to be the person who makes the sequel. Rise of Legends is a great example of why. Big Huge Games’ follow-up to its 2003 instant classic is a pretty good real-time strategy game (RTS), but it’s also a very familiar one that doesn’t bring anything new to the table other than some cool new graphics, a few rule changes, and a strange story with three strange races.

Rise of Legends is a game that came out in 2006 and is a real-time strategy game. Big Huge Games made the game, and Microsoft put it out on the market. It is a spin-off of the very popular Rise of Nations game from 2003, but it is set in a fantasy world instead of a real-world one.

The game takes place on the planet Aio, where an alien ship crashed many years ago and left four different wreckage sites in different places on the planet. Lord Petruzzo, the leader of Vinci City, and other military units are sent to a mine where workers are getting sick to get a mysterious object. This is where the story begins.

Their journey goes wrong, though, because a murderous warlord named the Doge of Venucci has already claimed the artifact. He ambushes the good-hearted investigators, killing Lord Petruzzo and many others in the process. Then, Giacomo, Petruzzo’s brother, swears that he will kill the Doge to get back at him for killing his brother.

Almost everyone liked the game when it came out, and gamers and critics alike praised its art, sound, and interface, among other things. Rise of Legends was also praised for having a steampunk look.


After the scene is set and we find out that Giacomo wants to get revenge for his brother’s death, he sends an army to Venucci to go after the Doge. During the chase, we find out that the Doge has access to powerful, unknown technology that he uses to destroy Miana, Giacomo’s hometown.

The main quest sends you on a trip all over the world of Aio, where you meet people from different cultures. The Alin, the Cuotl, and the Vinci are the three different races in the game.


The Vinci is a research-based civilization that gives the game its steampunk look. Their buildings and weapons rely heavily on gunpowder, clockwork, and steam engine power. Leonardo da Vinci, an Italian Renaissance painter, and inventor influenced the designs of the Vinci. Their unique national power is the Industrial Devastation, which damages an area by making drills and huge bore holes pop up from the ground.

The Alin civilization is made up of magical people who build their empires out of sand, fire, and glass. Their looks and way of life are based on myths from the Middle East and Arabia, and they live in the Kalahese desert. The Summon Army ability is Alin’s national power. It lets you temporarily bring a powerful army to fight with you.

The Cuotl are the last people to live on Earth. The Cuotl are a group of subjugated native humans who are led by an alien civilization. They are based on the ancient Maya. They got their name from the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, and their society is very advanced in terms of technology. The Star Bolt is the national power of the Cuotl. It is a destructive beam of light that destroys everything in its path.


Rise of Legends is a lot like its parent game, Rise of Nations, in how it is played. Players need to gather resources and improve their buildings and technology to build and grow their cities.

In Rise of Legends, you don’t build and grow a city center as you do in most real-time strategy games. Instead, you start out with a city center, and to grow your empire, you have to build districts within that city. The districts are different depending on which civilization you choose. Some of the districts are industrial, military, and merchant.

There are many different kinds of units that can be sent out. Standard, master, and hero units are all options. Master units are much bigger than regular units, and they have powerful and unique skills. Each race has three unique Hero units that are usually stronger than normal units. They can also be improved and have a skill tree that lets them improve and learn new skills.

Final Words

It’s only reasonable to assume that, given how fantastic and forward-thinking Rise of Nations was, Rise of Legends will be as well. We’re dismayed that this isn’t the case. The story isn’t the best, but if you’re looking for a unique RTS with fun factions and well-balanced units that still manage to look like a lot of other games, you might enjoy this. However, despite the fact that there are three distinct races,

Despite the fact that there could be more of a distinction between them, the two are still very entertaining to play with. If you’re a fan of tactical games, If that’s the case, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this game.

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