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Best Combo Heroes In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

by Gaming Adicts

Let’s explore Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s devastating hero combinations’ ultimate strength! Utilise these powerful synergies to dominate every conflict and ensure victory.  Now, let’s move on to the crucial combinations that can swing the balance in your favour and help your side win handily! Release destructive moves like the car attack by Johnson and Badang, the impenetrable trap by Tigreal and Silvanna, the lethal arrow and hook combination by Franco and Selena, and the pinpoint annihilation by Johnson and Kadita. Enjoy the AOE destruction of Gatotkaca and Guinevere, the annihilation of Atlas and Pharsa, and the one-shot potential of Vale and Sabre. Learn the lethal teamwork of Lolita and Cecilion for unmatched combat success! Keep reading to know more.

Johnson and Badang

Players who are struck by Johnson’s ultimate feel quite powerless because it stuns and slows them for a time. Most of the immobile heroes could have nightmares about pairing Badang with Johnson. The process is as follows: Johnson picks up Badang in his automobile and attacks the foe where they are under his ult’s control. Remember that Badang continually stuns the opponent with his basic strikes, but if you want to finish them off quickly, just use your second ability to raise the wall and use ultimate them.

Tigreal and Silvanna

Since his only talents are CC, Tigreal is one of MLBB’s tanky heroes and one of its more bothersome ones. Applying CC skills to the enemy makes it simple to complete combos because they have little possibility of escaping. Allow Tigreal to ult the opponent first, and Silvanna can ult them immediately after, trapping the enemy with her ult and squeezing them together with Tigreal’s.

Franco and Selena

Once Selena’s arrow has knocked you unconscious, you won’t want to get caught by Franco. This one is just a simple technique for Franco to assist in hooking the victim. The amount of practice required to properly hook another hero without missing should be known by Franco mains. A simple approach to execute this combination is for Selena to stun the opponent with her arrow, Franco to hook that opponent and then use his ultimate, after which Selena may finish the job.

Johnson and Kadita

If Johnson hits the mark exactly, this combo may easily destroy a team that is huddled. Multiple kills may be secured via the stuns from Johnson’s ultimate and Kadita’s skill 2, followed by a clean ultimate. In addition to killing, Kadita’s ultimate immunity can aid her in escaping a potentially hazardous circumstance. Allow Johnson to strike the opponent, then use Kadita’s second skill and ultimate to complete a clean combination.

Gatotkaca and Guiinevere

The Gatotkaca’s ult’s powerful AOE mark that knocks you out once, you’re inside of it. Gatotkaca is a tank and fighter with regeneration who delivers tremendous damage and has two CC abilities. His second skill teases the opposition, and his ultimate knocks you into the air while dealing damage. With regards to Guinevere, she is renowned for her knock and ult combo, in which she is even impervious to the enemy’s CC. Gatotkaca must launch the combination by using the ultimate and taunting the adversary, and Guinevere may finish it off by utilising her second skill and ultimate.

Atlas and Pharsa

How much damage a nagging Pharsa’s ult delivers must be known to everyone who has faced one. The biggest AOE damage talent that also lasts for a long time is Pharsa’s ult. The damage is fairly incredible with Pharsa’s ultimate and Atlas seizing a lot of foes. The easiest way to achieve it is to ult them after the tank enters the fray with his second skill. Pharsa can either use her ultimate right away or her second skill to stun them first before using it. Either option is good with her because Pharsa’s AOE damage will ultimately overcome them due to Atlas’s slows.

Vale and Saber

Although Moonton just gave MLBB’s Windboy a boost, making him an even more unpleasant hero, pairing him with Sabre allows you to one-shot any carry or squishy hero. We are all aware that Saber’s ultimate is a kill-guarantee unless the opponent is wearing armour, and that Vale’s crowd controls are unbeatable. Ambushing is the only and best way to employ these two heroes in combination. Sabre can immediately ult to secure a kill after Vale knocks the adversary into the air.

Lolita and Cecilion

Make sure you keep enough distance from Cecilion as you enter the late game to prevent being damaged by his first skill. A hero with middling HP can be one-shotted if Cecilion can accumulate a lot of stacks. When using Lolita and Cecilion together, use the Flicker technique from Lolita’s ult to stun as many heroes as possible that are nearby. Use Cecillion’s first skill and second skill in quick succession while using your ult to deal continuous damage and increase movement speed.

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