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Review : Dragon Quest Treasures

by Gaming Adicts

Treasures follows the adventures of Erik and Mia, two young thieves who accompanied a band of Viking raiders long before the Luminary came into their lives (Dragon Quest XI). Because Erik and Mia find a flying pig and a talking cat (just like you) and then fall through a magical portal into another dimension, nothing they do or see has any relevance to the established story of Dragon Quest XI, which is good because the game is full of constant meta allusions to the series as a whole.

After entering the portal, Erik and Mia find themselves in Draconia, a place where dragons have stored the dreams and memories of humans for safekeeping in the form of artifacts and figurines from the Dragon Quest series. The dragons are long gone, but the six regions that make up Draconia are each named after a different part of the dragon’s anatomy.

Treasures never truly explore that rich vein of tale potential like it might

Treasures never truly explore that rich vein of tale potential like it might, doing little to elaborate on any of its concepts after initially introducing them. This is a shame because the story could have been so much more. During the roughly 30-hour campaign, Erik and Mia do not undergo any character development, and their relationships with the vast majority of non-player characters, except a select few, are limited to interactions that conclude along with the completion of whichever quest they asked you to complete. Since you don’t see much of the fruit of such efforts, how much you get out of the story and the characters in Treasures relies on how involved you are in the concept of revitalizing the hearts and minds of this world. It is difficult not to view Treasures as a lost opportunity in this regard, one that with a little bit more breadth and complexity could have been transformed into something truly unique and with a more profound significance.

You will take Erik or Mia on excursions to one of Draconia’s islands to see what you can find and encourage other monsters to participate in the hunt between meeting new people and marveling at your treasure hoard. During these expeditions, you will also meet new people. When you get to these open sections, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and determine for yourself what the next step should be. You could rush to the base of a rival treasure hunter and steal their trove, look for ancient monuments, or convince a Queen Slime to help restore the Cold Shoulder train station. Alternatively, you could just ignore everything and look for more riches.

What’s the deal with the fighting in Dragon Quest Treasures?

A blue teleportal is sometimes the prize for unearthing a valuable item. In these rooms, you’ll face off against some formidable foes. A lot of the game revolves around battles, although I didn’t always enjoy them. My perception of Erik’s damage was always that it was below average, but it could just be because of the caliber of my opponents.

You can pretty much go wherever you want in the game; there are no real limits. So often, my party and I would be trying to advance in a quest when suddenly, adversaries 10 or more levels higher than us would come. When I was level 15, I frequently came into monsters that were close to my level. One of my major gripes was that. It seemed like the monsters always had to deal with the hardest hits for me, and Erik was simply too frail to do anything about it.

As the battle progresses, the protagonist fills up a “super meter,” which may be used to either unleash your monsters’ special attacks or grant the player a temporary power boost in the form of the Power of the Dragon. The damage is substantial, so I applied it to my monsters. The combat is fine, but the treasure-seeking is where the real fun is at. As enjoyable as battles were, I never felt truly formidable unless I was dishing out critical strikes. The creature’s superior strength made Erik seem like a supporting character, given his paltry damage output.

Despite this, combat has no negative impact on your quests or other responsibilities. The fact that none of them is challenging is to Dragon Quest Treasures’ benefit. It allows anyone who is interested in playing the game to do so with minimal effort and difficulty.


The Dragon Quest Treasures video game is a delightfully whimsical twist on the long-running RPG franchise. It delivers a beautiful fairy tale about two orphans acquiring riches, forming a new family, and giving happiness to a weary land rather than tough wars and complex campaigns. Treasures is an enjoyable role-playing game (RPG) to plunder your way through, even though it has wasted the potential for a more nuanced story and more thoughtful combat that could have been. Despite this, the game’s relaxed pace and constant stream of rewards still make it a satisfying experience.

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